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New Nordic Planning

The final conference of the New Nordic Planning project took place on the 2nd of October 2014 in Copenhagen. Almost 200 participants from across the Nordic planning community were entertained at a conference that explored both the outside perspectives and the more technical aspects of Nordic planning.

Click here to download the recommendation from the planners as postcards.

The conference was an opportunity to discuss, network, and learn from a diverse group of individuals that represent a broad range of Nordic planning issues. The conference was moderated and steered by Marco Steinberg from Snowcone and Haystack in Helsinki, and included presentations from:

  • Dan Hill (Future Cities Catapult in London)

  • Michael Booth (Author of ‘The Almost Nearly Perfect People; the Truth about the Nordic Miracle);

  • Karina Sehested (Senior Researcher at Copenhagen University)

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A panel debate was held with the following participants:

  • Mikko Aho (Head of Planning, Helsinki);

  • Morten Kabell (Mayor for Technical and Environment, Copenhagen);

  • Lärke Johns (Committee chair at the Swedish Commission for Shoreland Protection and Management, Stockholm)

  • Christer Larsson (Urban Planning Director, Malmö and Chairman of Nordic Cities Network)

  • Øystein Grønning (Urban Designer, Migrant, Oslo)

  • Lise Palm (Project Leader, By og Havn, Copenhagen)

Alongside these speakers, Nicolai Carlberg (carlberg / christensen) unveiled the first New Nordic Planning postcards that were the result of the discussions that took place across earlier workshops in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo.

Click here to download the conference summary.

New Nordic Planning network
If you would like to contribute further to the New Nordic Planning debate, please join the Danish Architects’ Association network for New Nordic Planning here

Join the New Nordic Planning group on LinkedIn
The main aim of the New Nordic Planning initiative was to spark and support a debate within the planning community about the future of Nordic planning and we hope the debate continues. Please join our group on LinkedIn and keep the discussion going.

New Nordic Planning course
As part of the next steps in the New Nordic Planning initiative you can get an introduction to the methods and tools to support the plan's changing role at a course on the 17th and 18th of February. The course, led by Karina Sehested and Dorthe Hedensted Lund, introduces methods and tools to support the planner's changing role. Through both professional presentations, discussions and participants' own cases we will continue to discuss the subject's challenges.