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The Danish Association of Architects helps to ensure architectural quality and high standards of professionalism within all areas of the architectural profession.

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As a part of the Danish Association of Architects you strengthen the voice of architecture, your career and network and the professionality of architects.

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The Danish Association of Architects – Arkitektforeningen – is a professional community, and the only independent association of architects in Denmark. Since its foundation in 1879, the association has worked to support and promote the conditions of individual architects whilst ensuring architectural quality in our cities, buildings, landscape and environments.

The association aims to advance and develop members’ interests across geographical regions and areas of expertise. On behalf of the members we act on legislative and regulatory issues to ensure that the built environment is designed and managed by capable and proficient architects.

Danish Association of Architects offers a network of around 7,000 members throughout Denmark and internationally, and a range of personal and professional benefits.

The Danish Association of Architects is a political organisation run by member engagement across our seven local departments, with a representative committee, and a secretariat in Copenhagen. DAA, however, is not a union offering advice on pay, employment, dismissal and contracts.


A membership gives you the protected Danish title ‘Architect MAA’.
The title ‘architect’ is not protected in Denmark, so adding ‘MAA’ is a mark of professional quality, as this title requires a completed and EU-recognized master’s degree from a Danish or international school of architecture.

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For further information

Lena McNair


+45 30 85 90 05

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