Aften uden Grænser. Planning and Health in The Global South

An evening with Architects Without Borders bringing focus on the consequences and solutions of urbanization.

Foto: Arkitekter Uden Grænser


30.11.2023 18:00 - 20:00


Valencia Hall, Vesterbrogade 32, Copenhagen V

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Arkitekter Uden Grænser – Architects Without Borders

With the extreme urbanization of the Global South, planning has never been more important for the health of entire communities and quality of life for the urban populations.

This evening, our presenters focus on the consequences and solutions of urbanization:

Helle Juul, Architect and partner, Juul and Frost Architects. Throughout her career, Helle Juul has worked with planning and health for many years, most recently it has turned into research and a book publication about health in Danish cities.

Anne Bach Nielsen, Postdoc, Department of Global Health, University of Copenhagen, examines how cities are increasingly taking political initiative to combat climate change through adaptation and resilience strategies.


17.30 The doors open
18:10 Anne Bach Nielsen, Postdoc, Department of Global Health, University of Copenhagen
18:50 Helle Juul, Architect MAA and founding partner, Juul and Frost Architects
19:30 Debate and questions
20:00 Beer, wine, Snacks and talk

It is free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome.

Aften uden Grænser

Aften Uden Grænser is organized by Architects Without Borders. The aim is to expand the architectural profession and show that architects and related professions can contribute to creating development and improving conditions for vulnerable groups at home and abroad.

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