Collectivism in Architecture

Panel debate with contributors to the professional network Building Diversity’s publication “Who is the Architect?” discussing inclusivity, diversity, and collectivism in architecture.

Collectivism in Architecture Foto:Anna Lausten-Thomsen

Foto: Anna Lausten Thomsen


08.06.2023 kl. 17:00-19.00


Arkitektforeningen, Åbenrå 34, København K

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Building Diversity i anledning af CAFx

Building Diversity invites everyone interested in the built environment and architectural field to be part of a discussion on inclusivity, diversity and collectivism in architecture.

The group questions the status quo by unfolding the role of the architect, highlighting the importance of diversity, and examining the changing nature of the profession and our responsibilities. The event starts with a set of presentations (max.10 min), followed by a panel debate (30-40 min) with contributors from Building Diversity’s publication Who is the architect?, ending with an active discussion with the audience (30 min).

The panelists are:
– Kathryn Larsen (Studio Kathryn Larsen)
– Dominique Hauderowicz (dominique + serena)
– Elin Ferm (Anthropologist and founder of Norm Consulting)
– Lovisa Volmarsson (Advisor and Futurist at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies)
– Lawrence Ebelle (Architect and Director of Curated Works)
– Soo Ryu (PhD at Arkitektskolen Aarhus / part of Equality Collaborative)


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