Forelæsning: Aita Flury

Forelæsningen 'Culture of Transformation' er en del af forelæsningsrækken 'International Lecture Series', hvor Det Kongelige Akademi - Arkitektur inviterer store internationale navne indenfor til en eftermiddag med fokus på væsentlige internationale temaer i arkitekturen.

Beboelsesejendom i Doma, Schweiz af Aita Flury Foto: Ralph Feiner


15.04.2021 kl. 15:30 - 17:00

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Det Kongelige Akademi



Temaet for forårets forelæsninger er ‘The Art of Analysis’. Architecture can be understood as a collection of elements, of architectural instruments, that along the times reappear and are always slightly changed. Design processes in that sense are transformation processes, in which material of the past consciously and gradually is remodeled into the present. Such a culture of transformation is based on memory and cultural history while at the same time actively takes aim for renewal – continuity and change are entangled very closely.

About Aita Flury

Aita Flury is a Swiss architect and runs her own practice in Zurich. She has completed several housing and transformation projects. Flury graduated from the ETH Zurich where she has also been teaching, and she has been a guest critic at the EPF Lausanne, ZHAW Winterthur, USI Mendrisio, HS Luzern, Universität Lichtenstein, TU München and ENSA St. Etienne.

Flury has published numerous essays on architecture and is the editor of several volumes including Cooperation. The Engineer and the Architect (2012) and Schnetzer Puskas Engineers. Design Structure Experience (2014).

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