VELUX Build for Life Hackathon

VELUX are inviting young professionals working within the building sector, to join us on our common journey towards a more sustainable building industry. Climate change, urbanization, use of sustainable materials and technology are some of the challenges and dilemmas to tackle in the near future – to ensure the far future.​ Join for free at 22-24. September 2023.





Living Places Copenhagen, Otto Busses Vej 29A, 2450

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What is a “hackathon”?​

The concept is borrowed from the software industry. An event with the main purpose of developing new approaches to solving problems that requires collaboration. In the “hacking” time, you will work with peers and other interested people from various companies and be introduced to recent knowledge from industry experts during inspirational sessions.​

What you will get​

You’ll meet a lot of great people! A great networking opportunity – amongst peers and some of the leading experts on the topics.​
It’s all about solving challenges! Dealing with challenges is always a good opportunity for personal development, development of collaboration skills, presentation skills and in addition you will gain knowledge from experts in the industry.​

Three days with lots of professional content, discussions and space for creativity, but also new acquaintances, fun and “hygge”.​
Full catering over all three days.​

The hackathon will take place in Living Places in Jernbanebyen, Copenhagen. Living Places is an experimental building project developed in partnership with EFFEKT and Artelia, offering a sustainable approach to construction that builds in harmony with nature, instead of against it.​

We are all eager to learn about new solutions that we should implement to guarantee a brighter future for the next generations. We all need to work together to ensure a radical change in the building industry. We all need to pull together!​

Once the challenges are unveiled, it’s time to start “hacking” the future! – Stay tuned for details.

Challenges from our Partners

We’ve teamed up with our partners to provide you with the biggest challenges they believe have an impact on the transition towards a healthier and more sustainable building industry.


EFFEKT Architects

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