NYHED 18.08.22

Åben konkurrence om cykel- og fodgængerbro i Sofia, Bulgarien

Sofia Municipality - Department of Architecture and Urban Planning indbyder til åben international arkitektkonkurrrence om design af ny fodgænger- og cykelbro. Broen skal forbinde to store grønne områder midt i Sofia. Jesper Dahl er fagdommer MAA i konkurrencen.

The conceptual design should offer a spatial solution for a new pedestrian link, which will form a natural connection between the two separate parts of South Park.

The new connection will be at a different level to road traffic, facilitating the expansion of pedestrian and cyclist flows in the area, improving the accessibility of green spaces for local residents and visitors alike.

The construction of the new bridge and the development of the adjacent area will complete the merger of the three zones: South Park – first part (the area around the National Palace of Culture), South Park – second part and South Park – third part into one continuous and large-scale urban recreation space.


Read more about the competition at peshehodenmost.com

Download the information related to the competition here.



Filtrér: Arkitektforeningen


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