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What do I get as a member of the Danish Association of Architects?

  • Permission to use the title ‘Architect MAA’
  • Admission to events and professional networks within the association
  • A discount on our bespoke architects’ courses
  • 10 issues a year of the trade magazine Arkitekten (in Danish)
  • A weekly digital newsletter with a professional overview (in Danish)
  • A discount on insurance, newspaper subscriptions and several membership benefits.

Does my degree qualify for membership of The Danish Association of Architects?

Your degree and school of graduation determines whether you are directly eligible for membership. You are entitled to membership when you have graduated as:

  • M.Arch. from KADK or Aarhus School of Architecture
  • M.Arch. from a recognized university within the EU
  • M.Arch. from a recognized international university (upon additional assessment from the secretariat of the Danish Association of Architects)

Several closely related titles do not grant you direct eligibility for a membership. You may, however, still apply for a membership through the Association’s Admissions and Qualifications Board. These titles are as follows:

  • Master of Architecture and Design, Aalborg University
  • Construction Engineer, KEA
  • Landscape Architect, KVL

What does the title ‘MAA’ mean?

The initials are an abbreviation of ‘Medlem af Akademisk Arkitektforening’ (‘Member of the Academic Architects’ Association’, i.e. the Danish Association of Architects)

Is “Architect MAA” a protected title?

The title ‘architect MAA’ may be used by members of the Danish Association of Architects only. As a ‘stamp of approval’ it is a protected title, since only architects graduated from a recognized university are accepted as members of the Danish Association of Architects. The title ‘MAA’ thus signifies a certain professional architectural standard, since the title ‘architect’ is not protected in Denmark as it is in most other countries. In principle, anyone in Denmark may call themselves an ‘architect’.

Is the title ‘Architect MAA’ internationally recognized?

The MAA title is not recognized in the same way as are for example the RIBA initials. The requirements for recognition may vary internationally, and the Danish MAA is an indication of your M.Arch. graduation from a recognized university only – not a protected title. However, as a member, you may at any time obtain the MAA documentation which documents that you have an EU-recognized architectural degree and that you are a member of a professional community.

Can I use the title ‘Architect MAA’ as soon as I graduate?

No. But your academic title and degree – e.g. M.Arch. attained through one of the Danish architecture schools – has a value in and of itself. You can use the title ‘Architect MAA’ once you are a member of the Danish Association of Architects. MAA means ‘member of the Danish Association of Architects’ and requires an EU-recognized architectural degree.

Do you counsel members in legal matters, eg. employment, fees, contracts etc.?

No. The Danish Association of Architects is not a trade union. We refer to FAOD (The Union of Architects and Designers) for information regarding terms of employment, collective agreements, counselling on contracts, etc.

Are my unemployment benefits dependent on a membership of the Danish Association of Architects?


What is the difference between the Danish Association of Architects and FAOD – The Union of Architects and Designers?

The Danish Association of Architects is a professional association and interest community “in the service of architecture”. FAOD is a trade union counselling in matters of  working conditions, collective agreements, terms of employment, etc.

Which international architectural degrees qualify for membership?

Most European as well as several international architectural degrees are recognized by the EU thus qualifying directly for acceptance as a member. If you are not certain of your eligibility, please scan you diploma and mail it to the secretariat, and we will assess whether you may be directly accepted into the Danish Association of Architects.

Can you get the MAA title as a business?

No. The membership is personal.

Can I become a member after finishing my bachelor’s degree?

No. Membership requires graduation from a minimum of 5 years of architectural studies; in other words you need a master’s degree.

Can I get a document proving my membership and my architectural master’s degree?

Yes. We offer our members to prepare a letter of MAA documentation, proving your membership and that your architectural degree is recognized by the EU.

As a former member, can I re-enter without further documentation?


Can I get a discount on the membership fee for a limited period of time?

Yes. You need to apply for a retroactive discount if you are temporarily unemployed or otherwise economically challenged. As a member living outside of Denmark, you can also apply for a discounted member’s fee. You will, however, lose your right to vote in the association.

Do you still need answers?

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Feel free to call our secretariat at +45 30 85 90 00 or send us an email at

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