Akademisk Arkitektforening

The Danish Architects’ Association

Welcome to the Danish Architects’ Association

The Danish Architects’ Association is an independent association established in 1879 with the purpose to support and promote architects and architectural quality. The association organises about 7,000 qualified architects, who are entitled to use the protected title MAA (MAA means Member of the Architects' Association).

Members of the Architects’ Association are entitled to add MAA to their name. The title “Architect, MAA” is the protected and internationally recognized title for those practising professionally in the field of architecture in Denmark.

The association aims to advance and develop the members' interests across geography, individual expertise and interests, to act on behalf of the members on legislative and regulatory issues and to ensure that the built environment is designed and managed by properly trained architects.



The Governing body consists of a 52 member council elected by the members.