ARKITEKTEN BOOKS aims to provide english-language presentations of selected themes and projects from the architectural journal ARKITEKTEN.

For almost 125 years, ARKITEKTEN has been documenting developments and paradigm shifts within the architectural profession, its pages giving space to heated debates between fellow architects, coverage of architectural design competitions and reports on significant impulses from near and far. With a content matter spanning from housing crisis, garden cities and planning acts, to Brutalism, youth revolt and low-rise/high-density living, and further to digital rendering and 3D printing, the journal’s columns, photos and drawings offer a unique record of architectural zeitgeist across time and culture.          

About the editors
Martin Keiding is editor-in-chief, architect MAA and responsible for development, general editing and organization of ARKITEKTEN and He also has extensive experience as a book editor, having contributed to a wide range of architectural publications. On top of this, Keiding serves as external censor at the Royal Danish Academy – Architecture and Aarhus School of Architecture. Keiding graduated as an architect from the Royal Danish Academy’s School of Architec-ture. He has been associated with a range of Danish and Spanish design studios and was editor-in-chief of the journal Arkitektur DK from 2001 to 2011.

Editor Albert Algreen-Petersen is an architect MAA and PhD. Together with the editor-in-chief, he is responsible for developing, editing and organizing ARKITEKTEN and Algreen-Petersen trained as an architect at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen and École Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais, France. He has a PhD degree from the Royal Danish Academy, where he taught and did research on architecture and building culture while contributing to a number of publications. He moreover has professional experience as a practising architect at his own studio and with City of Copenhagen.

Production co-ordinator Marie Lindstad is a qualified anthropologist from the University of Copenhagen. As the production manager, Lindstad participates in the editorial process. Apart from overseeing that all published and factual material is present and correct, she performs a wide range of co-ordinating tasks for the editorial board.

Published by the Danish Association of Architects, ARKITEKTEN launches ten issues a year.

For more information on ARKITEKTEN BOOKS’ first publication “50 Buildings – Danish architecture 2016 – 2022” see this page as well as selected pages below.