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International conference about the strengths and weaknesses of Nordic cities and planning from both a domestic and international perspective, and the future of Nordic planning. 2nd of October in Copenhagen.

Each year, ‘Monocle’ magazine ranks the 25 most liveable cities in the world and the Nordic cities are consistently at the top end of this list – Stockholm and Oslo are regularly in the top 20, whilst Copenhagen and Helsinki have ranked number one several times. Copenhagen has also featured amongst Der Spiegel’s ‘Europe’s Coolest Cities’ and countless international newspaper and magazine articles continue to praise the Nordic countries for their quality of life. It is clear that the Nordic cities currently have qualities that the rest of the world envy; can we maintain this for future generations?

Challenges such as climate change, urbanisation and resource scarcity are emerging as not just Nordic problems but global difficulties. Planning and planners will doubtlessly play a crucial role in dealing with these issues - both today and tomorrow. Are we, the planning community, ready for the fight? Do we have the necessary tools, the supportive management systems, and the right skills to address tomorrow’s issues? What are the barriers and how can we overcome them?

New Nordic Planning is a platform for dialogue between experienced public and private planners from the Nordic countries discussing how to improve the conditions for urban planning. It is not about how to solve the problems mentioned above, but about how we improve our ability to do so.

The conference will debate the strengths and weaknesses of Nordic cities and planning from both a domestic and international perspective, and most importantly, explore where the future of Nordic planning lies.

Speakers Include Dan Hill (Designer and Urbanist at Future Cities Catapult). Michael Booth (author of ‘The Almost Nearly Perfect People – The Truth about the Nordic Miracle’). A panel debate with prominent figures in Nordic planning.

The conference is free



11.00 am. Welcome
Natalie Mossin, Danish Architects' Association

11.10 am. Introduction
Marco Steinberg

11.20 am. "Strengths and Potential of the Nordic Urban Planning Tradition”
Dan Hill - Designer and Urbanist at Future Cities Catapult

11.50 am. “The Weaknesses and the Challenges for Nordic Cities”
Michael Booth - author of ‘The Almost Nearly Perfect People; the truth about the Nordic miracle.’

12.20 pm. Q+A’s with Michael Booth and Dan Hill

12.40 pm. Lunch


13.10 pm. Contemporary Issues # 1-3
Nicolai Carlberg – carlberg/christensen

13.30 pm. Panel Debate
Political Panel: Mikko Aho (Head of Helsinki City Planning), Morten Kabell (Mayor for Technical and Environment, Copenhagen).
Practitioner Panel: Øystein Grønning (Rambøll Norway), Camilla Ottoson (White Arkitekter, Sweden), and Lise Palm (By og Havn, Copenhagen)
Moderator: Marco Steinberg

14.45 pm. Break
Coffee served in small hall.

15.00 pm. Finding a Common Language
Dorthe Hedensted Lund
"From Hierarchical Authority to Network Governance"

15.30 pm. Presentation and conclusion
Marco Steinberg

15.45 pm. Finish
Natalie Mossin, Danish Architects' Association

Practical Information
Time: 11.00 – 16.00
Place: Mogens Dahl Koncertsal, Snorresgade 22, 2300 København S

Registration: registrationnnp@arkitektforeningen.dk by the 19th of September.

Further Information: contact Cameron Burt on cab@arkitektforeningen.dk or Martin Yhlén on myh@arkitektforeningen.dk

Download the invitation (pdf)

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