BIM world is coming to Scandinavia

We are happy to invite the Scandinavian building industry to Copenhagen to learn about the digital advances in the sector, and how we can become better at working intelligently and digitally throughout the building process.


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19-20 September 2023


BIM World Copenhagen, Silkegade 17, st, 1113 Copenhagen

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From the first sketch and all the way until the project is finished, digitalization can help streamline and democratize the building process and make sure that you work efficiently, so you can focus on making the best and most innovative projects. With the current challenges in the sector, it is imperative that collaboration across the entire value chain is at the center, so we can work smarter and push the industry in a more sustainable direction.

Nordic Digital Construction | BIM World Copenhagen is an event by the team behind Building Green. During the last decade Building Green has become one of the leading platforms for knowledge and events on sustainable architecture and construction in Denmark. “We are passionate about sustainability, and the new event on Nordic Digital Construction has been developed on basis of our close collaboration with the industry, and the need for new and increasingly digital solutions to the challenges the green transition of the industry presents,” says Sarah Elhauge, Managing Director, Building Green.

Nordic Digital Construction | BIM World Copenhagen will center around how the industry can become better at embracing the digital opportunities and realize the potential that these digital tools and workflows represent. The future is full of challenges, but also great opportunities to move the industry in a direction that is better for the industry as well as the planet. You will learn about the newest developments and research into new technologies so you can be on the frontline of the digital transition. The Nordic Digital Construction event will also be the place to be, if you want to learn about the solutions already on the market and how you are able to work better, smarter, and more digitally already tomorrow.

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