… but, who are we building for?

Open Call for publication contributors. Building Diversity and the Danish Architectural Press are hereby inviting everyone who is interested in taking part, to submit an abstract for contribution.



Abstract submissions due 24.04.2024

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Building Diversity and the Danish Architectural Press

.. but, who are we building for? is the second publication, following who is the architect? published in 2023, as part of a series of publications initiated by Building Diversity.

The series seek to explore, discuss and unfold diversity and equality in architecture — past, present and future. We are hereby inviting everyone who is interested in taking part, to submit an abstract for contribution.

Who is “we“? And what is “building“?

The intention from the editors is to use the term “we” as a broad category of perspectives, not solely professions related directly to architecture, but instead inviting a broad spectrum of voices. Within the use of a universal “we”, we acknowledge geographical, cultural, financial, political and other differences, which has an impact on the understanding of how “we” is interpreted. The intention is that the use of  “we” can emphasise the aim for more unity across differences while respecting and celebrating the diversity of contexts.

The term “building” recalls the name of Building Diversity and it is intended as an active and broad term, which can include for instance the action of adapting, preserving and transforming. Contributions should refer to those terms, and are welcome to challenge them as well.


Contributors are invited to interpret the open call freely and new, unique perspectives are encouraged. Meanwhile, some sub-themes in the form of concepts and thematic paths are suggested here as a source of inspiration. The structure of the book and the different chapters are not predefined, and will be determined according to the diverse topics proposed in the selected contributions. They are by no means limited by the suggested sub-themes below.

  • Towards inclusive standards (the standardization of the human body)
  • Inclusive heritage (adaptation of buildings or structures of historical or cultural importance)
  • The social impact of design (design justice, human rights and democracy)
  • Embracing Imperfections and learning from mistakes
  • Inclusive (design) processes
  • Designing new narratives / imagining new futures (emphasising the plural)
  • The collective biosphere / creating frameworks for multispecies
  • Future generations and changemakers
  • The who: the users, the community, the climate
  • The we: the policy makers, developers, the designers, consultants
  • Universal design / Inclusive design (design principles / concepts)
  • Climate adaptation for disability
  • Breaking down barriers (both physical and physiological)


Building Diversity will host an online Q&A meeting (date will be communicated via social media channels), where we will go through the publication’s themes, formats, timeline and we will answer questions. The Q&A will be shared as a list after the meeting.

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us directly regarding specific queries, comments, and submissions to contact@buildingdiversity.dk. We look forward to reading your submissions. Please address inquiries with publication in the subject line.

About Building Diversity

Building Diversity is a non-profit organisation based in Copenhagen working for increased diverse and inclusive architectural fields and built environments. Building Diversity weaves together activism, dialogues and emotional truths to unfold futures where every voice is heard and every perspective valued. At our table, there is a seat for anyone who wishes to take part. Expanding and growing: We are Building Diversity.

Building Diversity would like to thank the Danish Arts Foundation for supporting this publication.

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