Diversity Sharing: “Local and International Perspectives in the World Capital of Architecture”

Join us for an evening of sharing – food, music, and personal stories in a diversity perspective. Meet three architects who tell their story about finding their way in a foreign culture and how it has formed their professional practices. The event is hosted by The Diversity & Equality Platform at The Danish Association of Architects.

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Foto: The Danish Association of Architects


July 5 from 5 pm to 8 pm


The Danish Association of Architects, Åbenrå 34, 1124 København K

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The Danish Association of Architects


Free entrance

From around the world students and practicing architects come to Denmark bringing with them diverse perspectives on how to be an architect. The broadening of nuances and experiences calls for sharing approaches on how to create architecture that includes more people and aspects of society. How do we bring our different perspectives into a field with prevalent national, cultural, and social codes, references and traditions – and how do they shape our practices as well as study- and working environments?

At the event we will share a diversity of national and international perspectives, ideas, questions, music and food We will be joined by three speakers who through 10 minute presentations will share their journeys into the architectural field. They will give us their nuanced views on navigating possibilities and challenges, for example as women, immigrants or other minority working across borders.

  • Frederik Brauner, student and researcher at Berkeley University.
  • Kathryn Larsen, founder of Studio Kathryn Larsen.
  • Oanh Nguyen Henriksen, partner and director of business development at Dorte Mandrup Architects.

During the evening you will also experience live music and food carefully prepared by the social initiative “Send Flere Krydderier”. (Send More Herbs).

The event is open to everyone, admissions free and wheelchair accessible. The event will be held in English.
Sign up in advance to secure your spot.

We are looking very much forward to meeting you!

The Diversity & Equality Platform

The Diversity & Equality Platform is an open network run by volunteers. The initiative emerged from the former Task Force for Diversity & Equality in Architecture (Arbejdsgruppen for diversitet og ligestilling i arkitektfaget) and is open to anyone who is committed to the ongoing cultural change towards a diverse and inclusive culture. The platform is supported and facilitated by the Danish Association of Architects.

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