Call forThe European Prize of Architecture Philippe Rotthier

Created in 1982, the European Prize of Architecture Philippe Rotthier rewards works of collective and cultural value, rooted in their region, using natural materials in a durable way, drawing on the genius of the European city in dialogue with the past and history.



30th of April 2024

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La Table Ronde de l'Architecture asbl


Tilmeldingsfrist: 30th of April 2024

The 2024 Prize │ Vernacular Architecture

In 2024, the European Prize of Architecture Philippe Rotthier will rewards architectural projects, urban and rural developments completed in the last five years that promote architecture in harmony with nature, that value local identity, history and craftsmanship through the judicious use of common-sense principles, natural materials and long-lasting construction techniques. The prize is open to builders, architects, craftsmen and urbanists.

“Vernacular architecture respects the genius of its milieu, uses natural, local materials and is built by the hands of craftsmen following age-old traditions. » Philippe Rotthier, june 2023

The international jury under the presidency of Maurice Culot will be particularly attentive to projects that:

  • Are locally based and are not interchangeable
  • Seek to integrate rural and urban contexts and to avoid dislocation and provocation
  • Make maximum possible use of natural materials and traditional and ecological methods
  • Take into account local practices and customs
  • Generate public spaces recognisable by all (streets, paths, avenues, squares, etc.)
  • Favour a mixity of activities and limited mechanical circulation
  • Reject social segregation in favour of mixed use buildings in which social housing is imperceptibly integrated
  • Use land economically and the countryside sparingly

An amount of 40 000 euros, possibly split between several entries, is being made available to the jury by the prize founder, Philippe Rotthier.

How to apply?

To apply for the European Architecture Prize Philippe Rotthier 2024, you have to fill a form online (
end your application before the 30th of April 2024 to La Table Ronde de l’Architecture asbl, for the attention of Nadia Everard, 13 Sint Annarei 8000, Bruges, Belgium and by email:

The application file should be A3 format, 20 pages maximum (single slided) and should include all documents of use in understanding the work (elevations, plans, sections, construction details, colour photographs before and after) as well as contact details of the natural person or corporate entity submitting the entry file, the names of the authors of the project (craftmen, architects, urbanists, builders, developers, etc). Works entered for the prize must have been built within the last five years. Texts must be in French or English.

The files and documents sent will not be returned. Candidates cede their rights to reproduction and communication of their documents to the Philippe Rotthier Foundation for Architecture.


Organiser – La Table Ronde de l’Architecture asbl
13 Sint Annarei, 8000 Bruges, Belgium

Fonds pour l’architecture asbl & Fondation Philippe Rotthier pour l’Architecture
Rue de l’Ermitage 55 Kluisstraat, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

About Philippe Rotthier

Philippe Rotthier │ Prize founder

Philippe Rotthier was born in 1941. After qualifying as an architect, in 1964 from the École de la Cambre in Brussels, Philippe Rotthier worked with the architect André Jacqmain and in 1967 was a founding member of the Atelier d’Architecture de Genval.

In 1973, he settled on the island of Ibiza where he built and renovated 80 houses in the vernacular style. His method of architectural design and production have been the subject of a number of publications (Ibiza. Le Palais Paysan, 1984; Maisons sur l’île d’Ibiza, 1990; Architectures Arquitecturas Ibiza, 1997; XXX à Ibiza, 2003).

In 1982 he founded the European Prize for the Reconstruction of the City and in 1986 the Fondation pour l’Architecture in Brussels.

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