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Neighbourhoods for Generations

Open call, der opfordrer arkitekter og landskabarkitekter til at indsende ambitiøse, innovative og kreative ideer, der bidrager til socialt bæredygtige naboskaber for generationer i fremtiden. Konkurrencen er international: Derfor er al information og kommunikation på engelsk.

Neighbourhoods for Generations are places that invite for sociability and mutual support, where people of all ages are seen and valued as members of their stairwell, housing block, and neighbourhood.


Due to demographic changes and urbanisation, cities and neighbourhoods are facing multiple, converging challenges including a lack of affordable housing, an increase in social segregation, poor access to health and social services, and worsening rates of mental health. How can we form more socially sustainable and affordable places for people of all ages to live and rethink the way we plan, organise, live and interact in our cities?

Global challenges call for interdisciplinary solutions

We call on people of all professions, backgrounds, and levels of seniority to submit ideas contributing to the development of the Neighbourhoods for Generations concept. From academic groups and departments, to urban strategy and design firms, housing start ups, public service providers and social support services, to name a few, we encourage interdisciplinary submissions from all relevant sectors. We encourage fresh proposals, but also welcome innovative ideas and concepts from other contexts.

Projects, concepts, and activities included under the heading Neighbourhoods for Generations concept could be:

  • Urban space design, strategy, & programming
  • Service system design
  • Housing & neighbourhood typologies
  • Digital tools & apps
  • Communication & engagement platforms
  • Community process design
  • Art & Play installations

Develop your idea with financial support and showcase it to the world

The four most innovative ideas submitted will be selected as winners of the competition. In addition up to 10 ideas will receive honourable mentions on the website and be part of the competition’s exhibition.

The four selected ideas will receive financial support and expert advice to develop and adapt ideas to one of two case sites in Axelborg and Høje Gladsaxe, Denmark. The winning ideas that are developed will be exhibited in Copenhagen and presented at the UIA World Congress of Architects and the Danish Non-profit housing sector’s ‘Almene Boligdage’ – all part of Copenhagen being the World Capital of Architecture 2023 (https://copenhagenincommon.kk.dk/en), a major forum for discussing the future of our cities.

Winning teams will receive:

  • 350,000 DKK (excluding VAT) to finance further development of the initial pitch.
  • A dedicated profile on the Neighbourhoods for Generations website.
  • Expert support and advice from Neighbourhoods for Generations’ secretariat and partners during a development process.
  • Exhibition in Copenhagen as part of World Capital of Architecture 2023 to an international audience, the non-profit housing sector and general public.
  • Access to, and participation in, debates at UIA World Congress of Architects and Almene Boligdage.
  • Up to 150,000 DKK (excluding VAT) to cover exhibition materials, construction, and maintenance.
    Of which, up to 35,000 DKK (excluding VAT) to cover travel and accommodation costs associated with participation expenses in Copenhagen.

Deadline for submission:


Further information:



Christian Pagh (head of jury)
Director and Chief Curator of the Oslo Architecture Triennale

Hanna Harris
Chief Design Officer, City of Helsinki

Mikkel Warming
Head of Development, 3B

Natalie Mossin
Architect MAA, Head of Institute, the Royal Danish Academy – Institute of Architecture and Technology

Finn Williams
City Architect of Malmö

Steffen Møller Borgbjerg
Director, ALBO

Gro Sandkjær Hanssen
Senior researcher at OsloMet and Professor II in Urban and Regional Planning, NMBU

Jan Gehl
Professor, Architect MAA, Founding Partner Gehl

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