The Doughnut Model for Urban Development

Join our first ‘FORUM for Architecture’ event in English where we will explore the transformative potential of the Doughnut Model for urban development. Through insightful presentations, and shared experiences, we will gain understandings on how the model acts as a tool to develop cities that prioritize a regenerative economy, sustainability, social equity, and the well-being of every citizen.

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18.03.2024 kl. 12:30 - 16:15


Valencia, Vesterbrogade 32, 1620 København

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Mie Dyreberg Haldrup

(+45) 2886 9844

Over the last 50 years, human activities have accelerated so dramatically that they now occupy almost the entire Earth. In the 21st century, the entire Earth is the household we must learn the art of managing. For this, we need entirely new economic goals and means, and the Doughnut model is a good suggestion.

The British economist Kate Raworth came up with the idea for the Doughnut model in 2012 connecting ‘the social foundation’ with the ‘environmental ceiling’. By embracing regenerative and inclusive economic principles, we must foster cities and strong communities that thrive within the ecological boundaries of our planet while ensuring the well-being of every citizen. The art lies in creating an economy that is regenerative, just, and enables well-being independent of growth.

Over the last decade, the Doughnut Model has gained global recognition, and inspired cities, communities, and organizations to rethink their development strategies. Today, we bring this conversation to the forefront, focusing on its practical application in the build environment.

Join us on March 18 where we will gain a deeper understanding of Doughnut Economics and how the model’s principles can be translated into a specific industry – the build environment. Throughout the day you can meet Dani Hill-Hansen from EFFEKT and co-author of the book the Doughnut for Urban Development (2023), Leonora Grcheva, Cities and Regions Lead at Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) and finally Christine Collin, Head of Sustainability in Construction at Sweco and Jacob Rask, lecturer in economics at Roskilde University and founder of Copenhagen Doughnut who will put the whole thing into a Danish context.

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Mie Dyreberg Haldrup

(+45) 2886 9844

Student price

Students can attend at the price of 200 kr. each. Contact Mie Haldrup if you want to attend the event.

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For dig, som arbejder professionelt med arkitektur samt by- og landskabsplanlægning. Som en del af FORUM for Arkitektur, bliver du en del af et tværfagligt fællesskab, og du får adgang til en lang række af Arkitektforeningens tilbud og aktiviteter.

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12.30 Arrival and coffee/tea

13.00 Welcome

13.05 Doughnut Economics and the concepts by Leonora Grcheva, Cities and Regions Lead, Doughnut Economics Action Lab (online presentation)

13.45 The Doughnut for Urban Development by Dani Hill-Hansen, Design Engineer and Architect at EFFEKT

14.15 Break, networking and a sweet treat

14.30 Presentation of the biodiversity LCA tool by Christine Collin, Head of Sustainability in Construction, Sweco

15.00 Implementation of the Doughnut Model for Urban Development in a Danish context by Jacob Rask, lecturer in economics at Roskilde University

15.30 Concluding remarks in plenary

16.00 Continue the conversation over a drink

16.30 Thank you for today

All students who are not MAA students can participate for 200 DKK. Send an email to Mie if you want to register as a student:

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